Using Massage Chair to Cope with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition that results in severe pain throughout the entire body. On one hand the patient suffering from fibromyalgia faces severe pain while on the other hand curing it requires time, treatment, and sometimes medicine. In most of the cases, it is not easy to cope with it successfully. If left uncured then this syndrome has long lasting physical and psychological effects. In severe condition, the patient might not be able to perform daily duties because of exhaustion and extreme pain.

A person actually does not know the exact cause of it but these days cure and coping with fibromyalgia has become simple. You must ensure that you take the required medication, nutrition, and rest while also do some exercises and massage. If you do so as you are advised then you will get some relief for your condition. There is no single such thing which can provide you relief from fibromyalgia but there are numerous things which you must do simultaneously:


The first and foremost thing is that you take the medicine prescribed by the doctor. If you will not take it then pain and depression may plague you. Take the medicine as exactly prescribed by your doctor.


Fibromyalgia is serious; do not take it easy. You cannot manage it with merely the use of medicine but your body needs substantial energy to deal with it so you need good nutrition as well. Ensure you are taking a balanced diet every day while limit your intake of sugar.   


The treatment of Fibromyalgia requires rest and good sleep for healing up. In order to do so, make your room dark and create the best sleep environment. You can even take a shower before sleeping so as to improve the quality of sleep.


Being positive is also a key to curing Fibromyalgia. It is the most important thing otherwise it would lead you to mental depression. When you take things positively, life becomes easy.


Ensuring regular exercise and workout helps you regulate your body, boost your energy, and manage your stress and anxiety. A patient with fibromyalgia must have a regular workout schedule. For such patients, water aerobics has proved to be quite beneficial as it eases painful movements.

Massage Therapy

Health professionals have attributed excess of lactic acid to be a major cause of fibromyalgia. There are over 18 tender areas in the body of a fibromyalgia patient which generate a shooting pain when touched. Through massage these areas release excess lactic acid and thereby provide relief from pain.

In order to have frequent massage, a fibromyalgia patient must have best massage chair to easily access massage therapy. A best massage chair provides different types of massage treatments to almost all parts of the body. Having a massage chair allows the patient to have regular massage treatments and that too while remaining within the comfort of home.

Critical elements, features and recent innovations in Treadmills

Treadmills can be defined as most famous types of home exercise equipment, which provides an efficient aerobic workout. It is best for people who have just made their choice to begin a new exercise routine. They require exercise through walking and is the sole reason a treadmill is a well-tolerated option that provides maximum fitness levels. Soon after you develop endurance and strength to walk on a treadmill, you can follow by even jogging or for interval training on it.

Although before using a treadmill as a starter, it important to first acknowledge yourself about a treadmill. To understand how a treadmill function and works, let us look into the anatomy of a typical treadmill and recent innovations in the treadmill world. Below are various key features and specifications to look for in a treadmill while purchasing and before using it.

• Built-in exercise programs

Built-in program feature helps you in varying the intensity of your workout. While the newer treadmills work automatically, some have adjustments that function manually. You can change the speed or decline it according to your requirement. These programs are the ultimate cure to weariness and help you dedicate your energy positively towards your exercise routine.

• Motor

The treadmill motor is the major element of a treadmill and its function is to provide power to generate the moving effect of the exercise tread. Larger the motor, more it is capable of handling heavier loads and strains. Top manufacturers will make use of a good motor whereas low-priced treadmills have smaller motors. Treadmills with continuous duty motors are designed to enhance the treadmill to operate for extended time periods.

• Heart-rate monitor

This feature only comes with the purchase of a high-end treadmill, while usual treadmills only consist of a hand grip heart-rate monitor. A heart-rate monitor is typically chest-wrap that helps you in tracking the intensity of your workout routine each time you hit the treadmill. Unlike other heart-monitor types, this one is more convenient with accurate and consistent reading results. It also allows you to monitor your heart rate without bothering to reach the handgrip sensors continuously.

• Gadgets

Controls and console gadgets include well-labeled controls including up and down buttons, quick one-touch speed and incline buttons. Furthermore, a treadmill consists of easy to read displays that show multiple functions like time, speed, heart rate and incline as one display. Modern treadmills are innovative and manufacturers load the treadmill with exciting gadgets like a speaker, a fan and even LCD televisions that make your routine free of boredom.

• Safety keys

A tethered safety key is an option that all models of treadmills are equipped with. It demands you to insert a key into the console in order to get the treadmill into working. The key comes with an attachment to a long cord so that you can attach it to your clothing. The key automatically pulls off if you slip or fall and will automatically stop the treadmill belt. Although make sure to keep the length of the cord as short as possible to easily disengage the treadmill if you reach the end of the running belt. To learn more safety hacks while using treadmills, Consumer Stuf can you help with that.

• Running deck

This the belt, tread or surface on a treadmill where you will be walking, jogging or running and the size this surface is the most critical element in a treadmill. Another major component of this belt is the amount of cushioning of the tread. A narrow belt will make jogging or running difficult and your feet will feel like straying left or right. A running deck that is short will risk in running off where the treadmill ends.

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